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Browser extension
Date: a year ago
Location: México City

The project consists in developing an extension for several browsers, it will be divided by several steps in which the first stage only will launch the extension on Google Chrome to be published in the Google Web Store. The extension has two main and independent functions described below:

Top Banner:

To show a banner and/or notification on the top of the screen showing product information and suggesting to go to ByPrice, when a user is reviewing a product in any of the listed or defined websites, and ByPrice founds a cheaper price or closer option for that given product. (We’ll provide a REST API to query name/url/code of the geolocated products and prices).


Currently ByPrice generates a list or cart of products to buy in different retailers in Mexico, so the goal of the extension is to add automatically to the cart of each retailer’s e-commerce each one of the assigned products, mainly for:

  • Walmart
  • Superama
  • San Pablo

Throughout the process, the extension will have to trigger events, clicks, fetch cookies, validate urls, fill forms and do all necessary actions to perform the cart creation in the external e-commerce as if it was the user himself, so when the user is redirected to the e-commerce he will already have all the products added in his cart.

Each flow changes depending on the e-commerce technologies, so each flow must be independent and perfectly documented.