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Nature's Path  HempPlus Granola Cereal  11.5 ozNature's Path  HempPlus Granola Cereal  11.5 oz
Nature's Path HempPlus Granola Cereal 11.5 oz

Product Description Low sodium. USDA organic. Contains 4mg omege-3's per serving. Not genetically engineered. We make organic foods because we believe organic farming and production techniques are better for the environment. Like other enterprises, return on investment, profitability, waste-reduction, and brand leadership are all important goals. But at Nature's Path these conventional business values are overlaid with the notion that none of it amount to a hill of beans if we don't choose sustainable, environmentally responsible processes that will leave the world better than we found it. In short, we're trying to make food in a way that will benefit our employees, our planet, and you, our customers. What's good about this cereal? Not only has our delicious HempPlus granola won a prestigious taste award, it also provides 3 grams of fiber per serving and the complete nutrition of whole grains. What's good about certified organic goodness? Good food. No synthetic pesticides. No synthetic herbicides. No preservatives or additives. No genetically engineered seed or ingredients. No sewage sludge on fields. Good ecology. Less groundwater pollution. Improved farm biodiversity. Product of USA. Nature’s Path organic hemp plus granola cereal is the perfect marriage between the whole grain goodness of flax and hemp seeds and delicious rolled oats. This boosts nutrition with an impressive 600 milligram of omega-3 acids and 1800 milligram of omega-6 acids. It is made of healthy whole grains, is 100% organic, vegetarian, high in fiber, and contains no trans fat. This is sold in pack of six 11.5-ounce boxes.About Nature’s PathNature’s Path is a family of organic farmers and their ilk, descended from more farmers and more ilk. The seed of the company was planted back in the ‘30s, when Rupert Stephens inherited the family farm--Mountain Valley farm, a place to grow field berries and a family. Since then Nature’s Path has continued to grow and develop as a company that is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality organic food.The people of Nature’s Path live for healthy, great-tasting organic foods. They believe that healthy foods need not be boring and tasteless. You will be impressed when you take a bite of Nature’s Path products.Nature’s Path is also committed to making a big impact on communities by giving back in meaningful ways and having as little an impact as possible on the earth by operating as sustainably as they can. Growing organic, healthy foods in a sustainable way is the passion of Nature’s Path.

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